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The Galleria Of Long Island

Invites you to  The Holiday Extravaganza A shopping event you can't miss!   Saturday, December 13th 11:00am-5:00pm   107 Wartburg Ave, Copiague, NY 11726   Recommended Admission:One can  of non-perishable food that will be donated to Long Island Cares, Inc. For the Harry Chapin Food Bank   Participating Vendors: Xenia's Shop| Joshua Paull Photography|Swarovski Crystal| Allu Skin Care|Hebral Life|The Tawk| Casual Bling N Things| | XS Energy Drink| Feline Cosmetics| |Mc Dance & Fitness| Anadaluz The Artist| Aye The Collection|  |Bikini Crush Swimwear|Jamba Juice| & More   Planning on Vending?  Email: Meet with Photographer Joshua Paull Unlock the secret of ancient egyptain skin care  Custom Make a necklace with AYE the Collection   a one of a kind, handmade, and...

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Quick Hair Fixes

Ever have those days where your hair just "isn't doing it for you?" . . . Well were here to save the day & give you some helpful tips!  1. Oily Hair? Say "Ello" to baby powder! It's not just for a babies bum bum, its also the savior to a oily scalp. Sprinkle onto roots & brush through as the baby powder absorbs the oils. Or you can even try a Dry Shampoo. Either shall do the trick! 2. Dry Scalp? Oil your hair at least twice a week. Use olive oil, or even try avocado oil. Use your hands to saturate your scalp then brush throughly. Leave the oil in for about 20 minutes, then wash hair 2-3 times...

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It's that time... FINALS

A particle moves on a coordinate line with acceleration d^2s/dt^2=60sqrt(t)-21sqrt(t) subject to the conditions that ds/dt=15 and s=14 when t=1. Find the velocity v=ds/dt in terms of t and the positions of S in terms of T (What runs through our minds) "Is that even english?" "Who cares about a stooooopid particle?" "How did he finish his test so quick.." (starts panicking) "I wonder if I can google this ..." "Is anyone looking?" "Oh em gee steve just liked my selfie." "I knew this huge a$$ bag would come in handy" "I should have made friends with the smart kid.." "Why is it so hot in this room?" "I should have stayed in last night, instead of going to the...

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